The trip

Soooo I went for a steak at the Commodore with Emma and Jesse on Saturday and left for the airport at 2pm. It’s now about 30 hours later and I am in a taxi on the way to my hotel in Helsinki. (This was written in the taxi before I got to the hotel and fell into bed for 12 hours…)

Getting out of Sydney was fine and I travelled Business Class with the marvelous Qantas. Given the length of the flight it made a whole heap of difference with full reclining bed/seat, plenty of space and everything to eat and drink. I realised I’ve never actually flown direct to London before, I’ve always gone to HK or the US first, and it was a long flight with a re-fuel in Singapore. All together 3 take offs and landings. Actually, I sat next to one of Qantas’ engineers on the way over and he was telling me lots of interesting stuff about the planes, some of which I didn’t really want to know before we landed safely…

Changed in London from Qantas to Finnair (small and cramped :-). Heathrow was a nightmare. The transit from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1 was a joke, huge multiple queues and poor organisation. And that was at 7am on a Sunday! Luckily I had 3 hours to transfer and made it comfortably.

Anyway, I’m here in Espoo, Finland, just had breakfast and am off shortly to spend the day exploring Helsinki.

Things of note:
Finland‘s vital statistics
Cloudberry jam – had some on bread for breakfast
Where I am

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