Helsinki – Day 1

Day 1 in Finland went sorta like this:
– Woke at about 5:30 feeling good. Did some yoga in the small corner of the hotel room
– Went down for breakfast. Breakfast here is good; fruit, hot breakfast (though the eggs aren’t much chop), great bread etc and the tea tastes really nice.
– Caught the bus into town (about 10 mins) and started wandering. I was completely disorientated at first even with a map, but we sorted that out when I came across the Nokia flagship store (I KNOW where that is!). Accidently ended up at a Helsinki Mobile Monday Morning event in this little hall and got to meet the local MoMo people (one of those bizarre travel stories). Spent most of the day walking around town. It was the perfect day for it. Nice and sunny with a light breeze, Shorts and t-shirt weather. Had lunch at the waterfront markets (Reindeer meatballs and potatoes with a beer, hold the salad).
– Went back to the hotel and my upgraded room that isn’t that exciting either (the standards are all booked out because of the conference and a big EU thing happening in town). Checked out the pool and sauna (on the cards for today)
– Went back into town at about 9pm and wandered around for a while. Took it upon myself to sample the local version of McDonalds called Hesburger. Hmmm, it’s even worse than McDonalds – who could have thought it was possible.

The Flickr photos are here

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One Response to “Helsinki – Day 1”

  1. Matt Says:

    Reindeer balls…..need more beer before that’s palatable!
    Looks like a great trip buddy. Have fun

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