New York in 24 hours

Left Helsinki at 3pm, 8 hours flight to New York getting off at 4pm local. It was great to catch up with Mike at their new flat in Brooklyn and take in the view from his roof top (photo below). Jessica and her friend came home about 8pm and we headed into Manhattan for dinner at Agozar on Bowery. Good Cuban food. I had the pulled pork, plantains, rice and black beans which was nice. At about 11pm I got very tired, so we headed back to Brooklyn and bed.

This morning I woke up early, but did some web-surfing and then had another rest before getting up about 9am. For a quick breakfast we headed down to the local little park and had an apple danish and croissant and iced tea. We were sitting in the park when I got my NY celebrity spot – Gabriel Byrne and friend came wandering through. The weather was great, in fact New York was really hot for the rest of the day, slightly too hot for my tiredness.

We all headed into Manhattan again on the subway and went to check out the new 5th Avenue Apple Store. It’s pretty impressive and Mike’s company was involved from an engineering perspective, so that’s cool. I bought a 5G video iPod as a souvenier. Also visited the Nokia Flagship store (OK – Actually, better than the one in Helsinki) and Niketown (very disappointing – no Air 180s or black and red Moires!).

NY City Skyline from Mikes 5th Ave Apple Store across street Apple Logo 5th Ave Apple Store inside
5th Ave Apple Store Great Glass Elevator Inside Nokia Concept Fire Hydrant in Brooklyn

It was then time for lunch with Tony and his wife Sina. The place was called Joe’s Shanghai in China town (9 Pell Street, off Bowery). It’s famous for it’s soup dumplings which were very good. It was great to catch up with Tony and he just got an award for his Comedy Central mobile application at CITA (he works for MTV Mobile), he’s also just been to Burning Man, so it was great to hear about all of that.

Jessica, Mike and I then wandered to a local cafe (past the pickle festival!) and had a drink and then I ducked into American Apparel to pick up a plain green t-shirt. We headed back to the flat and it was time to pack and go catch a plane. I jumped a cab, but the traffic was insane, so I got out and jumped the train. The subway sucks, trains were far apart and nothing seemed to be going right. I was already late because I expected the cab to be faster and had almost resigned to having missed the flight to L.A. Anyway, all turned out OK and although I got there late, I got my luggage on and got a seat.

Farewell NY, I’m sure I’ll be back someday.

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