IT Crowd on ABC (Australia)

The IT Crowd is a BBC Comedy that was available for download in England.

“Best friends Roy (Chris O’Dowd) and Moss (Richard Ayoade) spend their days working in the IT Department of Reynholm Industries, solving other people’s computer dilemmas, or at least pretending to. But while their social betters work upstairs in fantastic surrounds with great views and unisex toilets, they are relegated to the horrible dark basement underneath it all.

Moss is highly intelligent but has the social skills of a serial killer. He can’t communicate with anything that doesn’t have a keyboard and he’s still dressed by his mum.

Roy on the other hand, is someone whose spiky personality ensures that he will always be kept as far away from normal people as possible. Working in the basement, away from prying eyes, he’s able to indulge his love of everything that is bad for him; fast food, comics and endless nonsensical arguments with Moss.

Their world is shattered when the highly ambitious Jen (Katherine Parkinson) joins the team as their new manager. Jen has dreamed of being a high-powered businesswoman all her life, or at least that’s what she claims on her resume. With her imitation Armani suit and the ability to tell the most outrageous lies while keeping a straight face, she knows absolutely nothing about computers, but isn’t about to admit it.”
It’s very funny and well worth watching.
ABC Wednesday nights at 9pm (before The Glasshouse)
Episode 2 is on next week.

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