Noodle Markets in Hyde Park

Dropped into the Noodle Markets in Hyde Park tonight.
It was a great Sydney summer evening, a warm breezy dusk and lots of people out and about. The park was lit with red laterns and there were lots of stalls to buy a wide range of Asian dishes from Sydney’s proprietors.
I had the Roast Duck on Fried Rice from the Zilver stall. It was pretty good.
Sitting on the grass with D, T and J eating and listening to tunes.
We then wandered through the Sydney Life outdoor photography exhibition which is very well executed.
Followed up with mini pancakes and K&D joined us.

Nice night out in Sydney

Dee’s Photos:
Oliver on Train to Noodle Markets Centrepoint from Hyde Park at Dusk Hyde Park Noodle Markets Oli and Dee at Hyde Park Noodle Markets
Centrepoint in the dark Laterns at Hyde Park Noodle Markets Sydney Life Photo in Hyde Park

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One Response to “Noodle Markets in Hyde Park”

  1. Lovelly Says:

    I love the night noodle market in Sydney, It’s such a great intro to Sydney’s festival calendar.

    Glad you enjoyed it!!

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