Poor job of catching up…

Just realised two of the best times in my recent history haven’t really been recorded here (though they have a little in my Flickr photos).

1. Santa Monica/L.A.
The first thing I really haven’t documented is the rest of my overseas trip which included hanging out in Venice/Santa Monica and down in Orange County at the UbiComp conference. It was wonderful to catch-up with Sal & Steve and of course, meeting Lil’ Oliver was great. Such a happy and friendly kid (clearly following his parents lead). Venice is such a relaxed place for the U.S. and I always enjoy it there. The Abbot Kinney street festival was on while I was there too, and that was amazing. You’ll find the review of the Red Pearl Kitchen below but there was alot of other fun that was had.
The Flickr set from Santa Monica

Steve Sal Oliver at Venice Beach Oliver at Venice Beach Lil' Oliver on swings
In and Out Burger Steve Sal Oliver at Red Pearl Kitchen L.A. The Getty from the Gardens
Steve and flying Oliver Abbot Kinney Festival street Oliver and Oliver in Backyard

2. Foo Fighters
More recently the biggest night was the Foo Fighters acoustic set at the Sydney Opera House. Needless to say it was absolutely awesome. Thanks to the always marvelous Dee getting tickets for me, Jackie and Dimity.
Here’s a couple of links to convey some of it:
Dee’s photo’s of the night
A better blog post of the event than mine and some photos (both via Boudist)

Sydney Opera House starts to fill up Foo Fighters at the Sydney Opera House Taylor Hawkins Dave talks with guitar

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