Week at Watego’s

Just spent a week up at Byron Bay for AR’s 30th party week with a bunch of friends. We stayed at 16 Palm Valley Drive, Watego’s Beach, which was simple place with a big verandah and a great view of the bay.

Couple for quick notes:
– I made sure I got down for a swim every day, and on some days I got down there three times. It’s so nice to have a beach so close convenient and picturesque.
– JD and DVM dropped in for NYE which was AR’s 30th and therefore a 80’s Rock fancy dress. I went as Jimmy Barnes…
– First time since 2003 I have spent a week without a laptop (from memory) and I didn’t even check the Blackberry until the final days (when I had to for an opportunity). It was great! šŸ™‚
– I played my first game of golf ever. It was interesting and I made it around without holding the other guys up much, but not something I will be out doing every weekend.
– Although I used to surf many years ago and still wavesail/windsurf occasionally, a group of us had a surf lesson, which was good fun
– I read my two Christmas present books ‘The World is Flat‘ (Thomas Friedman) and ‘Past Mortem‘ (Ben Elton). The former is a good read, though he’s a bit soft on the technology (he is an economist), while the second is Elton’s usual engaging, strange, lite style (I read it in a day).
– Didn’t go to The Balcony this year but went to Olivio to catch up with some other friends who were also in town. I enjoyed the food I had (Prawn entree – a Special and the Seafood Broth), but I wasn’t excited by the overall menu.
– You forget how easy it is to get up to Byron, an hour in a plane is not a bad commute šŸ™‚

Great spot, great company, very relaxing!

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