Memories of The Lobsterman

Back in July 2004 I went over to the US to attend the wedding of my wonderful friends Sal and Steve. They had arranged to have their wedding not in Santa Monica where they live, but on Deer Isle, in Maine. A place that was special to them both, and the location of Steve’s parents property, Edgewood Farm (conveniently a wedding venue).

We spent a few days on Deer Isle, before and after the wedding, kayaking, hanging out, petanque etc. One of the activities was going out on Steve’s Uncle Dick’s lobster boat (Maine is well known for it’s lobsters) and while the trip started out in fog it quickly rolled away and we spent the afternoon in the sun on the boat. It was a very picturesque part of the world and all the wedding attendees were just starting to get to know each other, so it was a great afternoon.

Anyway, what reminded me of all this was S&S let me know there’s an article in the New York Times about Uncle Dick and the Maine fishing industry. Be sure to check out the photos.

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