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Great Doco

March 7, 2008

Went to Dendy at Opera Quays last night for a screening of the documentary Bomb Harvest:
“Laos: Australian bomb disposal specialist Laith Stevens has to train a new young “big bomb” team to deal with bombs left from the Secret War, but meanwhile, the local children are learning to collect bomb scrap metal.
This timely story is terrifying and yet filled with eccentric characters and moments of humour, and gives us a fresh and lyrical view of the most bombed country on the planet.”

It was brilliant!

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Art in Sydney

July 5, 2007

Lots good stuff kicking off in Sydney this week

Terminus Projects: Translations
Went along to the opening of the Translations installations in The Rocks the other night. The actual works are spread around the town including Zina’s LED display in the atrium at Bondi Junction. I’ll have to go and take a look.
“Works will investigate ideas surrounding re-invention and interpretation, highlighting the way languages are evolving and responding to the complex circumstances we face locally and globally”
3 July to August 2007

The Trouble with the Weather: a southern response
Also starring my marvelous friend Zina, is an exhibition at the UTS Gallery.
“Changing weather has spelt trouble before. But now we don’t quite know what to make of it, and it feels urgent. As the media, climatologists, environmentalists and politicians vie to shape our understanding and emotional responses, global warming reverberates through every level of culture. The uneasy relationship between technology, nature and culture is unsettled once more.”
3 July to 3 August 2007

This is a public arts lab (3-12 July), and an indoor music and arts festival (Sat 14th July), and a social experiment apparently (but I’m not quite clear on that bit…). I’ll try and get along next week and check if I will also go to the festival. Funnily enough, looking around the website I noticed another friend is exhibiting there: Steph Carrick
3 to 12 July 2007

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Soon to be my local…

June 6, 2007

After I thought they were pulling it down to turn it into apartments (like everything else in Milsons Point) it turns out the Kirribilli Club (RSL) will be re-opening in October this year. I’ll just have to wander up the hill for my million dollar views, chicken shnitz & chips and $2 schooners…

In related news (Milsons Point drinking establishments) there’s a DA out on a section of Luna Park (along the boardwalk up near the face) for a bar. It’s got balconies as well, so at last we’ll be able to have a beer on the North Shore with a view of the harbour and the breeze off the water in summer, until then it’s the Flying Squadron around in Kirribilli.

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China Doll

June 3, 2007

For your own sake, go and eat at China Doll, Wolloomooloo!
We ate there the other week for Dee’s going away lunch and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in Sydney ever. We took the banquet and were assaulted with a variety of dishes that each had their own exquisite taste. The pork belly was amazing and far too rich.

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Quick Weekend Away

January 15, 2007

Well after a week back at work after my Byron holiday, when Friday came around I was ready to get out of town again. The Sunday Session crew made a getaway on Friday afternoon and went up to the Sunny Central Coast for a weekend of hanging out, eating, drinking, kayaking, hitting the beach, cricket (watching), making caprioskas, bbqs and poker.
Photos here

Next trip we will be sure to add windsurfing, boules and tennis.

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Nu’s in McMahons Point

January 15, 2007

Had a great dinner at Nu’s Thai Restaurant last Thursday. It opened up relatively recently in the home of the old Thai Tanic and is certainly now at the upper end of the Thai scale. All the dishes were great especially the pork and the stripped beef.

Highly recommended!

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La Clique

December 16, 2006

If you only see one thing at the Sydney Festival make sure you see La Clique in the Spiegeltent:

“Combining the traditions of vaudeville and music hall, La Clique is a variety show featuring an astonishing array of the sexiest, funniest, wettest and wildest acts you’ll ever see. It celebrates the risk, danger, sensuality and pure unadulterated pleasure that a night at the circus…the cabaret…or the burlesque theatre should be.”

I saw the show at the Fringe Festival in Adelaide last year on AT’s advice, and it was brilliant.

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Great Weekend!

November 28, 2006

Friday night was dinner with E&J at Mexican: Had to Happen in Nth Syd, always a good Friday night feed. Quesidilas if you want something reasonable and tasty, All-you-can-eat Fajitas if you’re up for it.
Then we all watched Dogtown and Z-Boys on the couch. Great movie interviewing the Z-Boys from Venice Beach. Having been there a couple of times it was interesting to see how the area has changed. And of course the skateboarding itself was insane. I was amazed at the amount of footage they had from the 70’s. Craig Stecyk (the cinematographer) must have had his camera with him all the time.

Saturday morning was out to Glebe to the markets for a look around. I’d never been so it was interesting to check out.
Saturday we drove up to Blue Mountains and E&J took me out for a rockclimb at Mt York. I’ve been indoor climbing a couple of times over the last couple of months, but I’ve never been out on rock. It was great. Quite different from the easy to identify coloured plastic holds at the gym. The rock is obviously quite rough, so the fingertips were a little worn away quite quickly. I got my first climb and then moved to a more difficult climb where I ran into a couple of challenging problems 🙂
Saturday night was a family do at Leura Golf Club (My cousin’s 21st, Uncle’s 50th and Uncle and Aunt’s 25th wedding anniversary). Nice to see the family.

Sunday morning got out for another climb at Shipley. I did one of the climbs and got it, though I came off a couple of times. It was a 20 (apparently).
Then back to Sydney, nearly 3 hours on the train…. (joy)
Went to the Orpheum to see Little Miss Sunshine, which was a great movie. One of those movies that can be so awkward and so wrong and yet so funny. Then on for a little dinner at an Egyptian/African restaurant in Mosman that was very nice. A great end to the weekend.

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Beck’s (Sydney) Festival Bar

November 17, 2006

Tickets are on sale for Beck’s Festival Bar.
I will be there, oh yes, I will be there….

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November 7, 2006

me too

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