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Quote from the Doc

February 17, 2007

“That’s life, isn’t it? From birth onward we’re running out of time. Like having a tank with an unknown sum of gas.”
(Doc Searls)

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Swim on a Sunday

January 21, 2007

Well today is a hot one and I decided pretty early to get out for a swim. I went out to Balmoral first for a swim there. There was a strong contrast between the hot air and the cold water, perfect! My neighbor JI came down as well, and after a bacon and egg roll we journeyed on to MacCallum Pool in Cremorne. I had never been there before and it was quite nice. It’s described as:
“Located on the western side of Cremorne Point with stunning views taking in the Harbour Bridge and Opera House, MacCallum Pool was originally a rock pool created by residents as a safe harbour swimming hole, then reconstructed in the 1920s above the high water mark. Although the pool is small and narrow (just two lanes wide) it’s long enough for laps. The pool is seasonal (October to March), but admission is free.”

It’s the kind of place I could do a mid-morning walk to, jump in for a quick couple of laps, or just to cool off, and then walk back.

…check out some other Sydney ocean baths.

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Go Green

January 8, 2007

Four easy steps to getting greener energy for Australians

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Week at Watego’s

January 7, 2007

Just spent a week up at Byron Bay for AR’s 30th party week with a bunch of friends. We stayed at 16 Palm Valley Drive, Watego’s Beach, which was simple place with a big verandah and a great view of the bay.

Couple for quick notes:
– I made sure I got down for a swim every day, and on some days I got down there three times. It’s so nice to have a beach so close convenient and picturesque.
– JD and DVM dropped in for NYE which was AR’s 30th and therefore a 80’s Rock fancy dress. I went as Jimmy Barnes…
– First time since 2003 I have spent a week without a laptop (from memory) and I didn’t even check the Blackberry until the final days (when I had to for an opportunity). It was great! πŸ™‚
– I played my first game of golf ever. It was interesting and I made it around without holding the other guys up much, but not something I will be out doing every weekend.
– Although I used to surf many years ago and still wavesail/windsurf occasionally, a group of us had a surf lesson, which was good fun
– I read my two Christmas present books ‘The World is Flat‘ (Thomas Friedman) and ‘Past Mortem‘ (Ben Elton). The former is a good read, though he’s a bit soft on the technology (he is an economist), while the second is Elton’s usual engaging, strange, lite style (I read it in a day).
– Didn’t go to The Balcony this year but went to Olivio to catch up with some other friends who were also in town. I enjoyed the food I had (Prawn entree – a Special and the Seafood Broth), but I wasn’t excited by the overall menu.
– You forget how easy it is to get up to Byron, an hour in a plane is not a bad commute πŸ™‚

Great spot, great company, very relaxing!

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Sat 4th Nov – Walk Against Warming

October 28, 2006

Sydney’s event for Walk Against Warming is starting at 11am in Martin Place on Saturday 4th November
(via Steve Noble)

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I’m liking these

August 2, 2006

mmmm Liptons Herbal Infusions
Great range of flavours! Favourite is Lychee, Lime and Passionfruit, though I haven’t tried the Blackcurrant and Lemon yet.

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Started indoor climbing again

July 24, 2006

Spurred on by Emma & Al, I’ve been going indoor climbing again recently at Climb Fit in St Leonards. I’ve probably been 4 out of the last 6 weeks. Al and Leighann gave me a harness for my birthday, so that makes it cheaper (and more comfortable).

I nearly got a yellow yesterday, but I had a break in the middle.

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Yoga II

July 8, 2006

Back into yoga last week for my Beginners: Stage II course at North Sydney Yoga. It’s with a different teacher and the approach is significantly different. This class is much more focussed on the constant strenuous physical exercise, with a little less on technique, though because it’s a smaller class there is more personal direction and guidance.

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